Hi, I’m Caryn, the one behind all this sparkle!

I started this company years ago with the encouragement (perhaps the insistence) of the phenomenal Artists at American Ballet Theatre. They have always been my biggest supporters, and my ultimate inspiration. 


I worked at ABT for more than 18 years as a Wardrobe Mistress— primarily helping the Principal company members and Guest Artists. I assisted them backstage during performances, as well as fitting and fixing costumes and accessories. In that position, I had a very clear idea of what worked and what didn’t. I learned why some headpieces were favorites, and some made people cry. I learned weight and balance were key, what materials held up, and what should be avoided. And when pieces broke, I taught myself to fix them (most times successfully, but occasionally with disastrous results). Most importantly, I listened. I listened to what these phenomenal artists I was surrounded by said:: that the weight of a piece could affect your neck, and the balance can throw off a turn. That being able to secure a piece was vital. That the very best crowns were the ones that made you feel beautiful before you ever set foot onstage, and that you forgot about entirely while you were out there. 


Those are the pieces I strive to create. The pieces that enhance a performance, not overshadow or inhibit it. 


I would love to have the opportunity to create something for you, and help you find your sparkle.